The Synergy of BEO Products

When creating my skincare line I chose to pay special attention to the function of all skincare products. What is the purpose of the products that we use and how can I formulate products that are purposeful and effective. My whole line was created on the premise that skincare should not be complicated and certainly does not need to include a multitude of products cluttering your vanity. With this in mind I chose to create the cleanser Awaken to serve the purpose of effectively cleansing and prepping the skin for further product application. Awaken quickly removes the grime of the day and refreshes the skin. Using special ingredients such as kaolin clay and shea butter among others Awaken works to effectively attract all of the impurities on the skin and leaves the skin feeling refreshed and invigorated. * For those of you who use eye-makeup on the daily take a pump or two of your facial oil and gently apply it on your eyelids and on your eye lashes, let it set and then use your Awaken to wash and rinse it off.

Next we have Infusion Tonic. Infusion Tonic is essentially a water based product used to assist in the application of the facial oils although it is pretty amazing for setting or refreshing make-up as well. The Infusion Tonic helps to pull the oils into the skin creating a synergy between the water and oil balance of the skin. Infusion Tonic works to quickly rehydrate the skin leaving it feeling soft, toned, and nourished.

Last but certainly not least we have our facial oils, Brooke Elizabeth Organics facial oils were created to assist in balancing conditions of the skin and to quickly and effectively hydrate, plump, and feed your skin keeping you looking and feeling radiant. All facial oils should be applied to damp skin as water assists in pulling the oils into the skin replacing the acid mantel which is our skins naturally occurring protection from the outside world.

So there you have it, the synergy of BEO products in 3 simple steps. You will see tremendous benefits of using the whole purposeful and effective skincare line Brooke Elizabeth Organics. Cheers!

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