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Sensitive Skin What It Really Means

Many people claim to have sensitive skin but I want to address skin that is sensitized vs. sensitive skin. We are all prone to sensitized skin at some point in our life. A change in outside temperature, wind burn, facial peels, using products that are too harsh for your skin etc…will all cause sensitized skin but this does not necessarily mean that you have sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin on the other hand is skin that tends to be reactive, fragile and thin especially on the cheeks. This may be due to genetics or lifestyle, lack of minerals and antioxidants, sensitive skin may be irritated by extremes in temperature, stimulants such as alcohol or coffee, pollution and stress. Fragrances, colorants, and preservatives can irritate the skin and so in people with truly sensitive skin. Sensitive skin needs special, gentle, non-toxic skincare products and I would not be doing my job if I did not mention that all BEO (Brooke Elizabeth Organics) products are healing, effective, and gentle for both sensitive and sensitized skin.

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