Our Philosophy

“I have always held the fundamental philosophy that skincare should be an extension of the healing arts. Skincare is a routine, a commitment to us, done daily. It only makes sense that we would want to nourish our mind, body, and soul with our daily skincare routine.”— Brooke Elizabeth Nitzsche, Creator.

The Why and How of Skincare

I have always been a “why” and “how” kind of girl and my skincare line was developed based on these principals.

Why does the skin respond the way that it does and how can we work with our skin to give it what it needs, remediating past damage and preventing future damage?

Being a devotee of Chinese Medicine and certified accu-aromatherapist (applying essential oils to acupuncture points) I knew facial mapping or Mein Shiang was the tool I needed as my foundation to build upon and so it began.

After studying many organic compounds, oils, herbs, essential oils and alternative healing methods I moved onto the how, formulating products to balance the energetic needs of our bodies.

The result is improved health and wellness, peace, tranquility, and clear glowing skin.

All products are unisex and adapt to your unique energetic needs. They are 100% organic and are meticulously formulated by me, using techniques that always preserve and honor the energetic and healing qualities of the oils, herbs, essential oils, vitamins and minerals.