Nourish Facial Oil

Nourish was the second facial oil that I formulated and it was a personal feat to make a product that resolved pigmentary issues, without the use of chemicals and to remediate dry and dehydrated skin. This would be my skin.     So for all of you that have spent too much time in the sun, freckle easily, have or have had issues with hyper-pigmentation, fine lines or dry skin Nourish Facial Oil was formulated for you.   Nourish Facial Oil is an anti-inflammation and regenerative powerhouse. Nourish works to quickly and effectively restore balance within the deep layers of the skin and it also works to purge any deep seated inflammation. The cells of our skin are constantly regenerating and my observation has been that some skin needs a little boost in this area. Nourish gives your skin the gentle little boost it needs while managing to reduce pigmentary issues, restore vitality and even the skin tone.

An observation I have made over the years of working with clients is that many people who jive well with Nourish Oil may also benefit from a gentle liver cleanse, B-vitamins, and adding lemon to your water on a regular basis. Not all of the time but at least once daily. You see we all have a propensity to certain energetic conditions so it is about creating balance.

For those of you who resonate with this blog post, it might be time to get your Nourish on!

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