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A Deeper Look at CALM Facial Oil

As I begin writing about Calm Facial Oil I can already feel the essence of this oil bringing peace and relaxation to my mind, body and spirit. Calm Facial Oil was the first skincare oil I developed. When working with clients it became increasingly clear that unless the body is in a state of relaxation, openness, and receptivity it is virtually impossible to make healthy changes. With that in mind I began working with essential oils that gently coach the body what it feels like to embrace the vibration of peace and calm. When we reach this state true healing can occur.

Calm Facial Oil is very effective in balancing conditions of excess heat or inflammation in the body. These conditions can show up as sensitive skin, redness in the cheek and nose area, rosacea, capillary distention, irritated skin, sun or wind burned, red or inflamed acne lesions, and premature fine lines and wrinkles. For many of these clients I will also recommend dietary changes that include but are not limited to refraining from dairy, sugar and gluten. You will be surprised how the synergy of both can dramatically change the landscape of how you look and most importantly how you feel.

On a side note, and I am not making any claims however, many clients have shared that the daily use of Calm Facial Oil has assisted in them in the following ways: sleeping better, overall feeling more relaxed and less anxious, an immune boost (ill less), regulation of body temperature, and less sensitivity in general.

So with that, get your CALM on. Peace!

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