How Do Facial Oils Works? And on Oily Skin?

How do facial oils really work? Well, essential fatty acids are critical to replenishing and maintaining the hydration and nourishment levels of the skin. Oils actually protect the skin’s acid mantle to rebuild and maintain…

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Holistic Living

Sensitive Skin What It Really Means

Many people claim to have sensitive skin but I want to address skin that is sensitized vs. sensitive skin. We are all prone to sensitized skin at some point in our life. A change in…

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Benefits of Mushrooms in Skincare

Mushrooms are used in our BEO facial oils as potent antioxidants and moisturizers which can assist in brightening the skin, lightening age spots and evening out overall skin tone. Topical application of mushrooms make a…

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Organic Skin Care Oils

Aromatherapy Is An Ancient Art

The use of essential oils to restore balance and assist the body in healing is not a new practice but we are seeing resurgence in their use and application. Why? Because they are most effective…

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What’s In Your Skincare?

Consider this, many women and men apply hundreds of toxic chemicals to their body every day before they leave their home.   People do not consider that the products you apply to your skin will…

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