About Brooke Elizabeth

Brooke ElizabethFrom a very young age I was keenly aware that everything is made up of energy and that there is a web of energy that connects us to everything.

Energy is a vibration, a feeling, a knowing that resonates deep within our being and provides us with the wisdom and tools to live our life’s purpose.

My passion for skincare/beauty products, holistic living and self-healing was sparked upon birth and every life experience has perpetuated and fine tuned my innate skills and abilities.

My life’s purpose is to assist humanity in awakening and to provide tools for mind, body and soul integration.

Part of this integration requires the releasing of density or toxicity and balancing energies within the body.

This lead to the creation of Brooke Elizabeth Organics. There is much truth to, “you are what you put into or onto your body” on a very basic level.

Raising your vibration and releasing density helps cultivate inner peace and well-being. I bring to the world my knowledge of essential oils, herbs, plants and vitamins, as well as my understanding of the routines and energies that lead to a balanced and holistic lifestyle.

While working as an esthetician and intuitive healer, I began to blend my own unique, signature formulas for my clients, and from there Brooke Elizabeth Organics was launched.

My products are designed to provide healing and purification to every cell of your body.

Brooke Elizabeth Organic Skin Care ProductsEach formula contains all of the essential elements of a personal skincare routine because true beauty is something that radiates from within…

And that should be simple.

Whether we meet in person, through an intuitive healing, or through my product collection, you have my unwavering commitment to share my gifts and passion with you.

The energy, attention to purity, and the intention of each product will be with you as you nurture yourself, and it is my honor to share in this journey with you.